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DaViTel bvba Phone +32 2 3350071 Mail Sales@DaViTel.be

Administration: Winterkeer 68 B-1570 Galmaarden (Tollembeek)

Warehouse: Industriezone - Diebeke 19 - B-9500 Geraardsbergen


About us


DaViTel started in 2004 with the Import and Distribution of Cabling and Connecting Materials for Computer, Network, Telephony, Audio, Video and Power Supply.

This product line has been extended with Computer and Network Peripherals, so that we deliver a complete package for installations of Computers, Network, Internet, Telephony, Multimedia, Audio and Video as well in the Home, the SOHO, the Small and Large Business.


Our company strategy guarantees High Quality, Very Competitive Prices, Easy to Install, Deliverable from Stock, Exclusivity and our well-known Personal Support in pre-sales, installation and after sales phase.


Davitel is so the ideal partner for Distributors, Installers, Dealers, Retailers, System Integrators, ...


What will bring 2012?


Davitel is moving to a new and larger facility where Administration and Warehouse will be extended with a Showroom.

In January 2012 we will launch our brand new detailed catalogue (English and French version).

The Catalogue will be followed with a brand new Online Catalogue and Shop.


Our product range (see further for more details)


    Excel Twisted Pair Cabling

    Excel Fibre Optic Cabling

    Excel Voice Cabling



    Network Equipment


    Cable & Connecter


    Audio & Voice

    PC Connect

    PC Components

    PC Peripherals

    PC Accessories


    Home Control







Our brands


    Excel                Twisted Pair, Fibre Optic and Voice Cabling, Cabinet, Bundling, Power

    Toten               Cabinet

    openetICS         Cabinet

    DeXlan             Cabinet, Network, PC Components, Power

    Clever              Power

    TP-LINK            Network

    Dacomex          Network, PC Peripherals, PC Accessories, Consumables

    TeleAdapt         Connectivity

    Aten                 KVM

    Minicom            KVM

    Velleman          Tools, Tester, Power, Telephony

    Aavara             Audio & Video, PC Accessories

    Bachmann         Power

    Goldtool            Tools, Tester


Our product range details



    Excel Twisted Pair Cabling:

o   Cat5e U/UTP & F/UTP

o   Cat6 U/UTP & F/UTP

o   Cat6a U/UTP, U/FTP & F/FTP


o   Installation Cable

o   RJ45 Keystone Jack

o   Keystone Mounting Holder

o   Patch Panel

o   RJ45 Cord


    Excel Fibre Optic Cabling:

o   Multimode 62,5/125 OM1

o   Multimode 50/125 OM2

o   Multimode 50/125 OM3

o   Multimode 50/125 OM4

o   Monomode 9/125 OS1

o   Monomode 9/125 OS2


o   Installation Cable

o   Fibre Optic Connector and Adaptor (ST, SC, LC, FC)

o   Patch Panel

o   Fibre Optic Cord


    Excel Voice Cabling:

o   Installation Cable

o   IDC Module

o   Patch Panel

o   Termination Box

o   RJ45/12/11 Cord



o   19 Floor Standing Cabinet

o   19 Wall Mounted Cabinet 2 & 3 parts

o   19 Wall Mounted Cabinet Flat Pack

o   SOHO Cabinet

o   10 Cabinet

o   19 Cable Management Panel

o   19 Shelf

o   Ventilation

o   Lighting



o   LCD Console

o   KVM

      • KVM with embedded cables
      • Pocket KVM
      • 19 Rack mountable


      • VGA-PS2
      • VGA-USB
      • DVI-PS2
      • DVI-USB
      • HDMI-USB

o   KVM over Twisted Pair

o   KVM Daisy Chain

o   KVM over IP

o   KVM Cord

o   Extender for Keyboard, Mouse & Monitor


    Network Equipment:

o   Ethernet Switch

      • Fast Ethernet & Gigabit
      • Desktop & Rack mountable

o   Industrial Switch

o   Plastic Fibre System

o   Media Converter

o   Wireless

      • Switch, Router & ADSL
      • Access Point
      • Network Interface Card
      • Antenna & Cable

o   Power Over Ethernet

      • Switch
      • Power Injector Single & Multiport
      • Supplier & Receiver Adapter

o   Power Line Adapter

o   Transceiver SFP

o   Router

o   Modem

o   Network & Print Server

o   Network Interface Card

o   Network Storage

o   Network Protection



o   RJ45 cord

o   Keyboard & Mouse

o   USB

o   FireWire

o   SCSI

o   Data Transfer DB 9-15-25

o   Parallel

o   Audio: RCA, Jack, Toslink, Pro, Scart

o   Video: BNC, VGA/SVGA, RCA, YUV, S-Video, HDM, DVI, Display Port, Scart

o   TV & Satellite

o   Optical Fibre


    Cable & Connector:

o   Twisted Pair Installation (Solid) cable

o   Twisted Pair Patch (Stranded) cable

o   RJ45 Connector (M) and Jack (F)

o   RJ45 coupler & Splitter

o   Twisted Pair Splice Box

o   Keystone Mounting Holder

o   Mounting Box

o   Sleeve for RJ45

o   RJ45 Dust Protection

o   Optical Fibre Connector

o   Optical Fibre Box

o   USB Coupler, Adaptor & Changer

o   Loudspeaker Cable

o   Audio Adaptor

o   Coaxial Cable

o   BNC Connector & Adaptor

o   SVGA Cable

o   DB 9-15-25 Connector & Adaptor

o   VGA Adaptor

o   DVI Adaptor

o   HDMI Adaptor

o   S-Video Adaptor

o   Display Port Adaptor

o   TV/Satellite Cable

o   TV/Satellite Connector

o   TV/Satellite Splitter



o   Flat Cable

o   Jumper Wire

o   RJ 45/12/11 Connector

o   19 Patch Panel

o   Cord: RJ11 & RJ45/RJ11

o   Cable Splice Box

o   Wall Outlet

o   Cable Splitter

o   ADSL Filter

o   Walkie Talkie

o   Headphone


    Audio & Video

o   Extender over Twisted Pair / RJ45: VGA, HDMI, DVI, Audio, YUV-3RCA

o   Extender over IP: HDMI, DVI Audio - USB

o   Converter Switch - Splitter: VGA, HDMI, DVI, RCA

o   Digital Signage

o   HD Videoconferencing

o   PC to TV Converter

o   Mounting Systems

      • Flat Screen: Wall & Ceiling Mounting
      • Projector: Wall, Ceiling & Desk Mounting

o   Projection Screen

o   Outlet: BNC, VGA, RCA, HDMI, Jack & USB


    PC Connect

o   USB Hub

o   USB Extender

o   USB Convertor: Serial & Parallel

o   USB Adaptor SATA

o   FireWire Hub

o   FireWire Extender

o   PS2 Extender

o   PS2 / USB Adaptor

o   Bluetooth USB Adaptor

o   IrDA USB Adaptor

o   Portable Docking

o   RS232 / 485 / 422 Server

o   RS232 / 485 / 422 Converter

o   Manual Switchbox: KVM, VGA, RJ45, DB9/25 & USB


    PC Components

o   PC & Server Case

o   Power Supply

o   Cooling

o   Memory Module

o   Internal CD / DVD

o   Internal Card Reader

o   Card: Graphic, In/Output, USB, FireWire, Parallel, Serial RS232, RS485/422 & SATA

o   Internal Cable: Power Supply, IDE, SCSI, SATA

o   External Cable: SATA, SAS

o   External HD Case

o   Industrial Chassis


    PC Peripherals

o   Mouse

o   Keyboard

o   Keypad

o   Barcode Scanner

o   Headphone

o   Speaker

o   Webcam

o   External Disk Drive

o   Memory Card Reader

o   Memory Card

o   USB Flash Drive


    PC Accessories

o   CD / DVD Case, Clutch & Box

o   Mouse Pad

o   Stand for Laptop, Monitor, Printer & PC

o   Flat Screen Rack

o   Protective Cover for PC, Keyboard, Printer & Monitor

o   Screen Filter

o   Bag for Notebook & Netbook

o   Anti-Theft Device for PC, Portable & Screen

o   Save

o   Fireproof Cabinet

o   Computer Furniture



o   Power Distribution Units (PDU)

      • 19 & Vertical Mount
      • LED Control Function
      • Lighted Switch
      • Current / Voltage Meter
      • Current / Voltage / Power Meter
      • Computer Monitored
      • Network Monitored

o   Power Cord

      • 2 & 3 Pole
      • Extension Cord

o   Power Strip

      • Plastic Power Strip
      • UPS Power Strip

o   Battery

o   Charger

o   Power Supply

o   Mains Adaptor

o   Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

o   Solar Energy

o   Lighting

o   Watt Meter

o   Overvoltage Protection


    Home Control

o   Video Surveillance

      • Analogue, IP & Hybrid
      • Camera, Recorder, Kit, Screen & Dummy
      • Power Supply
      • Housing
      • Support
      • Coaxial, Coaxial + Power, Power Cable
      • BNC Connector, Coupler & Adaptor
      • Balun BNC-RJ45
      • Maintenance Screen

o   Access Control

o   Central Monitoring System

o   Smoke Detector & Alarm



o   IDC Tool

o   RJ Crimping Tool

o   Coax Crimping Tool

o   Fibre Optic Tool

o   Cable & Wire Cutter

o   Cable Stripper

o   Screwdriver

o   Tool Kit

o   Tool Case

o   Welding Station



o   Twisted Pair Tester

o   Fibre Optic Tester

o   Coax Tester

o   LAN Tester

o   Power over Ethernet Tester

o   Multi Meter

o   Cable Tracker

o   Multi-Purpose Detector



o   Cable Tie

o   Cable Tie with Label Holder

o   Auto-Grip Cable Tie

o   Spiral Wrapping Band

o   Cable Clamp

o   Cable Guide Ring



o   Free Labelling Software

o   Cable Label

o   Outlet Label

o   Patch Panel Label

o   Cable Marker



o   CD / DVD / Blu-Ray Disk

o   Tape Cartridge

o   Cleaning Products